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Browser Casino vs Downloadable Casino

Online gambling games basically come in two forms - the first being web based utilizing HTML5 or Adobe Flash and the second being downloadable gambling games wherein you are required to install a program on your computer in order to play the games.

Looking first at the web based gambling games, these online gambling games have a format that allow you to simply log on and depending on the rules, which are different based on each online casino you access, you should be able to begin playing a lot instantly.

With this type of approach, it is considered to be more common ad preferred among gamers who are in every likelihood just trying out different games to see which one they like best match for them, it has a better adoption rate than downloading and install from desktop due to the wait times that occur due to downloadable package element.

In the case of downloadable casino games, the user would first have to download the software onto you computer before they can do anything else, which creates a window for people to bounce from the process which is not uncommon.

The big disadvantage actually comes from compatibility, you may find that you need to develop your casino or poker system for a multitude of operating systems which can cause a spiral in costs. When you take into account mobile applications, Linux, Windows and Mac ... just to name a few, all require different approaches to development, that is why more and more people are turning to our web based casino solution.

In recent years new and existing clients have shown they are aware of this issue and have been leaning towards a more fluid web based solution so they can maximize profit and compatibility and rid themselves of the costs associated with the multiple casino software developments.
We produce online poker systems that are tailored

Online Poker Developers

Online poker software games have become a notable trend among gamblers, with the requirement for fast hand action and high availability over the past few years.

Consumers are intelligent and no longer want to download applications to desktop then separate applications to phones, peoples tastes and desires in how they consume online poker has been changing rapidly.

But there is slightly different between online poker and online casino games, and that is, the former one is legal and is regulated in various regions of the world, but playing poker online is more fun than to play it in the casino or any poker room due to the high rate of action a player can achieve.

We have developed many online platforms in India, UK and greater Europe, with one of our notable achievements being a popular Poker India platform.

As developers of poker software we not only provide you with the means to get started with your own tailored software but can assist you in the legal and setting up process of your casino.

Online Poker Developers
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Casino and Poker Licenses

With over ten years experience in the gambling sector we can help you get set up and started with your very own gambling license. This means that we can connect you with the right banks, lawyers and operators so that you can get moving as soon as possible with your very own casino or poker company.

so if you are looking for advice on how to obtain a casino license or a poker license then look no further than True Gamers to put you in the right direction.