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Are you looking for your own Poker Client?
We can provide tailored poker clients for your gambling business or start up
Poker Cards
Texas Hold'em Software
We have a avriety of speeds and game types but the most popular poker software we offer is Texas Hold'em
Poker Convert
Online Transactions
We have an online transaction system that works with all the major players in gaming when it comes to taking financial transactions..
Poker Money
Your own GUI
Your poker software development should look just like your company, thats why we work with our clients to customize their entire look
Poker Company
Ever though about developing your own poker company?

Buy your own Online Poker Company

We have worked with a range of clients from start up, to established businesses in providing them with online and offline poker solutions which are programmed and customized to their exact requirement.

We don't only act as your software developer for your web based online poker client, but we can also assist in the setup of your gambling business so that you acquire the right licenses to get your business moving.

It's never been simpler to own a poker company, with the right doorways open so that you can acquire a license at little expense and be able to start your own online poker business that is branded to you.
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Bespoke Poker Software
Are you looking for bespoke poker software?
We have been tailoring Poker and Casino software for over ten years and have developed a unique method in which we can help you set up your online poker company or set up your offline poker tables so that you can start making premium earnings on Texas Hold'em. Our formula to produce bespoke poker software is second to none.
Poker Business Help
Do you want to run your own Poker company?
Running your own poker company is a dream for many, but for those who know where to go and what to do, that dream can fast become a reality. At True Gamers we have a structure that allows us to provide you with state of the art poker software and the right business advice and direction into starting your poker company.
We can provide a hands on approach to setting your poker company up
Poker Business Setup
We handle your entire poker business setup
If you would like, we can handle your entire business setup, from providing you with the correct legal papers, phone numbers, business address and support lines. We are set up to help you operate every aspect of your poker business
Start A Poker Business
How do I start a poker company?
There are many things involved when it comes to setting up a poker company, the first thing should always be sourcing what type of software you want, from that point everything else can naturally fall into place with the right guidance.
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