Riot Games sues for Valorant copy Hyper Front

Riot Games is preparing to suit NetEase regarding it's Hyper Front game, which it describes as an Valorant version.

Riot Games is reportedly preparing to sue a different major producer, NetEase. According to information obtained that the main reason for the suit is the game Hyper Front on mobile platforms. Riot Games is suing the company, alleging the NetEase’s Hyper Front is a mobile version of Valorant.

Riot Games is suing for Hyper Front, which it claims to be an Valorant copy.

The claims will be heard in court for hearing in UK, Brazil, Germany and Singapore According the Riot Games attorney Dan Nabel. Hyper Front is claimed to be a clone of many crucial elements of Valorant and, because of the different copyright laws in each nation the cases are designed to be handled differently.

You may recall that Valorant quickly gained a lot of attention due to the help of Riot Games following its release. The game that has grown into one of the most popular games of this type could be considered to be under the aegis of a variety of companies.

According to the report by Polygon, Riot Games states that the similarities between Hyper Front and Valorant in the context are apparent by looking at maps, characters, weapon stats , even the cosmetic items. In actuality there is a direct correlation of the Valorant Omen with Hyper Front’s Nemesis characters is revealed to offer a greater understanding about the similarities.

Valorant 104

Riot Games sues for Valorant Hyper Front clone Hyper Front

Dan Nabel said in a statementthat “All of our designs, our selections have been transferred into NetEase’s game. We don’t think changing the color of a character ability or altering the visual implementation slightly changes the fact that it’s copyright infringement. It’s like an old saying, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still is a pig.”

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