Special Permissions for setting up a Rummy site

Rummy is a popular online gaming site. In some countries like India, online gambling is illegal but online gaming is not. Note that there is a difference between gambling and gaming which means there are different rules that apply to sites that offer one or the other. Rummy is a very addictive game. What’s even more appealing about it is that anyone can set up their own rummy site.

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There really are no special permissions that you need to fulfill to set up your own rummy site. Just like any online gaming site, you just need to have solid website development that will keep your site visitors and players feeling safe and secure. There are two things that are important in the architecture of the website; the first one is to make the game-play smooth and to set up security features.

If your Rummy site is set up for gamblers and actual money is being used to play then you need to be extra careful and vigilant. Besides the security or back-end features, you need to make sure that your site looks appealing. You can start the site as any normal site but find ways to customize it so that it looks great but works just as great as it looks. This means you need more than just a website designer but a developer who can create code that will run features like payment processes. As a gambling site you need to set up systems for cash withdrawals as well, seeing that online gambling is global make sure that your rummy site does not contravene any laws set up for online gambling in different parts of the world.


Get a business license. Build trust online by adding a secure socket layer, get a Random Number Generator (RNG) Certification from a reputable lab, a Technical Systems Testing certificate and any other certification that will prove that the information that players put up on your Rummy site is protected. Online gambling has a lot of risks so although there might not be any permission requirements etched in stone, it helps to have all your bases covered.