Why is Online Rummy Better than Offline Rummy?

The problem of choice is one that the ardent Rummy lovers battle within at one stage or the other. As a game, Rummy in an awesome game that those lucky of participating in, can attest has been an enjoyable experience. But with time, the more familiar Offline Rummy has been challenged by the newer Online Rummy. But what are some of the features of Online Rummy that makes it more desirable than its older version?

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As many can attest, one of the problems of Offline Rummy is the high probability of occurrence of same card sequences. This can take away some of the fun in the game. In Online Rummy, card shuffling is automated, which means that the possibility of error is minimized considerably, if not completely. Secondly, Online Rummy is better than Offline Rummy because you get the freedom to make a choice between the various variants of the game. If you are for points rummy, deals rummy, practice games, or multi table tournaments, the choice is yours to make.

Online rummy is also better for practice. It allows the player to practice their skills with amateur players, making it much more flexible and adaptive. An additional advantage is that cheating is minimized in Online Rummy. Most online players have anti collusion measures, and anti-fraud measures that are intended to monitor and prevent fraudulent activities in online matches. In Offline Rummy, there are many loopholes for foul play and a higher likelihood of cheating.

Online Rummy also boasts the advantage of accessibility and availability. By virtue of being online, the game is accessible and available 24/7 for anyone with an internet connected computer. All that is needed is registration to join the suitable tables. In Offline Rummy, on the other hand, a player has to brave the added hassle of finding other players, and convincing them to stay in the game for longer. Contrast this with the ease of switching to any table in Online Rummy, and you have a winner.

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Without taking away the fun and excitement that the Offline version of the game offers, Online Rummy does offer much more adaptability, accessibility, and reliability that places it a notch higher than Offline Rummy in terms of which is the better of the two.